Strengthening The Parenting Unit

All relationships change when a baby enters their lives. The extent of the change depends on the parents’ mindset and experiences before, during, and after having gotten to know each other. Learn how to manage these changes and to maintain a healthy relationship for the health of their parenting journey

Fabric of Experience

Expecting parents give the past (with all its experiences) a greater future by upcycling their old clothing into a new piece of clothing for baby. Our facilitators will align past experiences to a wanted future.

Parenting Bootcamp


After these workshops, you will

  • be aware and mindful of how your past influences your view on parenting
  • be able to meet your co-parent halfway in shaping a parenting style
  • have a framework to addressing dilemmas in your relationship with your co-parent
  • have engineered tools to build more mindful and meaningful connections with your co-parent


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