Ouami is a first-shoe brand and a custodian of the first steps your child will take. It is as a tool for parents to reaffirm who they are and what they stand for. So, with every step, your child declares a resounding

“I am my ancestors’ wildest Dream”




Overall, a family must be shaped to withstand any class of condition. It needs a solid internal support that protects it from the external world.


In this programme we ask:

  • What are the steps to building a home?
  • What do you wish you had when growing up?
  • What do you wish you know when you started a family?
  • What can you change about yourself now, to change negative family situations now & into the future?

Make time Milestones Group Namibia

Give your child the liberty to be lead designer and engineer in building a model brick house using real concrete miniature bricks. This creates an opportunity to

  • See things differently, through your child’s eyes
  • Get unfiltered insights into your child’s personality quirks
  • Get a picture of how your nurturing has been shaping your child


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