NaNa Nursing Pads


Our nursing apparel debuts with Nursing Pads to help moms get a great start to their breastfeeding journey. These are handmade from offcuts and are our first entry into the circular economy

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NaNa Nursing Pads



NaNa Nursing Pads are hand made from locally sourced fabric and are designed to help moms get a great start to their breastfeeding journey. The deliberate selection of fabric is for effective prevention of letdown staining:

  1. A cotton, fleece, or flannel inner layer that is comfortable on every skin type,
  2. An aborbent core made with natural fibers for fast absorption and drying,
  3. A waterproof layer to serve as a final barrier, and
  4. An outer layer for your personal aesthetic needs ?

Our products are made by hand; small imperfections and differences in shape, size, and colour may happen. This is the charm and spirit of a handmade product. It is what makes our products unique and will never affect the quality or the ability that they are intended for. Enjoy our NaNa Nursing pads ?


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