My Daughter & Me: Father Daughter Relationships

A father influences his daughter’s sense of self-worth and understanding of what she wants in life. While all fathers have a natural instinct to protect their daughters, many may struggle with the approach to doing so in a meaningful way. Learn more about what makes this connection so valuable and how to foster it.

Fix her Crown Daddy Issues – A Positive Spin

Hair is a defining feature for girls. When dad learns to do her hair, he defines to her, her inherently perfect features. We assign your daughter to manage and guide a makeover you will give her. A beautician and a social worker partner-up for this workshop to highlight the quirks and natural mindset of each gender.

A window into her world

Go back to a time when young girls used to create vision boards in the form of a plakboek. Collect, paste, and play out the images of her future through scrapbooking. You will receive a completely blank scrapbook and the support of a life coach as well as social worker to complete a vision book.

After these workshops, you will

  • be aware and mindful of your role in shaping your daughter’s self-worth
  • have a framework to addressing dilemmas your daughter may experience as she grows
  • have engineered tools to build more mindful and meaningful connections with your daughter

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