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Becoming a parent triggers the fear that you may not do well at raising someone into a responsible adult. Especially if your own childhood was traumatic. Our methods may help you to gradually release yourself from unhelpful patterns and triggers.  Truth is, almost any method of addressing childhood trauma boils down to identifying, unlearning, and choosing to forget what doesn’t work. Eventually, you will even choose to remember more of what does.

We want to reintroduce
you to your innocence;
to your inner child

reParenting is the process of connecting your adult thoughts to your unmet childhood needs. Explore the needs of your neglected inner child to minimise painful inner conflict and feelings of emptiness.

Inner conflict can easily lead to destructive feelings of low self-worth, co-dependency, addiction, shame, powerlessness, and cycles of toxic relationships.

Our breakthrough reParenting programme teaches you to heal past wounds & become more present as a parent.

Our approach clearly illustrates the dynamics of the healing process and shows you at the onset, the transformation you can expect in every area of your life – from all your relationships to how you take up space in the workplace.

Lasting transformation comes from addressing the root cause. With the help of a skilled mental health professional and artisan team, we will support you to weed out the psychological roots that hold you back from being your authentic self.


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